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Frequently asked questions

How do I submit my business to be listed on Tafuta254?
  • To submit your business for listing on Tafuta254, simply click on the “Add Business” button on the top right corner of our website and follow the instructions to provide your business details, contact information, and any relevant images or descriptions.
Is there a cost associated with listing my business on Tafuta254?
  • Yes, there are various pricing plans available for listing your business on Tafuta254. We offer different packages with different features and durations. Please refer to our Pricing page for more information.
Can I update or edit my business listing after it has been submitted?
  • Yes, you can easily update or edit your business listing at any time by logging into your account and accessing your listing details. This allows you to keep your information up to date and ensure accurate representation of your business.
How long does it take for my business listing to appear on Tafuta254?
  • Once you submit your business listing, our team will review it for quality assurance. Typically, the review process takes a few hours to 2 business days. Once approved, your listing will be live on our websit
Can I advertise my business on Tafuta254?
  • Yes, we offer advertising opportunities on our website to help you promote your business to a wider audience. Please contact our advertising team at for more information on available advertising options.
How can I contact a business listed on Tafuta254?
  • Each business listing on our website includes contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses, and website links. You can use this information to reach out to the businesses directly. You can also message the business directly on the site.
Do you verify the information provided in the business listings?
  • While we make efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided in business listings, we do not independently verify each listing. We recommend users to exercise due diligence and contact the businesses directly for any necessary verification.
How can I report inaccurate or inappropriate listings?
  • If you come across any inaccurate or inappropriate listings on our website, please report them to us by using the “Report Listing” feature available on the respective listing page. Our team will investigate and take appropriate action.
Is my personal information secure when using Tafuta254?
  • We take the security and privacy of your personal information seriously. We employ various measures to protect your data, as outlined in our Privacy Policy. However, it’s important to note that no online platform can guarantee 100% security. Please review our Privacy Policy for more details.